Mind-Body Medicine for Cancer

Introductory Half-day Workshop

Join Scripps physician Dr. Adam Ellis in exploring the transformative practice of Mind-Body Medicine, which can be a powerful tool in helping you heal from cancer.  

During this workshop you will:

  • Learn fundamentals of Mind-Body Medicine

  • Experience the enormous potential of the mind to impact physical health and well-being

  • Explore the healing-potential of acknowledging and experiencing the 5 primary emotions (sadness, fear, joy, anger and shame) on a very deep level

  • Experience a transformative healing circle

  • Learn techniques for quieting your mind

  • Learn an expansive model of wellness that can lead to a heightened state of well-being called ‘Magnificent Health’–irrespective of cancer stage

  • Identify one aspect of your health absolutely ready for change and three concrete steps towards making it happen within 30 days

Date:  Saturday, October 20, 2018

Time:  8:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Location:  Conference Center at Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas

Leader:  Adam Ellis, M.D.

Cost:  $97


“This was an excellent introduction to Mind-Body Medicine and was personally enlightening.”

-Rebecca Ann Riley, M.D.
Internal Medicine

“A wonderful introduction and exploration of the mind-body connection that has provided ready to use tools for both me and my patients.”

-David Hiller, M.D.

“What a moving experience, and at the same time a realization of what is in our grasp. I left inspired and renewed!”

-Susan Bachand
Stage IV breast cancer THRIVER

“I came here today with a lot of fears and insecurities. After this workshop I am leaving with peace, love and hope in my heart. I highly recommend it!”

-Daiana P. Lamarque
Empowered patient

“Adam has the presence and knowledge to bridge his medical experience and spiritual awareness into healing for others”

-V. Tyrone Lam
Conscious Entrepreneur and Life Coach

“Enjoyed this workshop tremendously! Opened my mind, body and soul to allow positive feelings in.”

-Stephanie Whittington
Executive Assistant

“A wonderful and eye-opening experience. This session will become part of my building blocks for inner change.”

-Lauren Hiller

“Mind-Body Medicine will help anyone feel better!”

-Kori Clark
Professional Chef