My name is Dr. Adam Ellis and it is my great privilege to be a guide on your Journey to Magnificent Health.

I have been practicing hospital-based Internal Medicine for 15 years have always been fascinated by the link between mind and body, recognizing early in my career the profound impact of thoughts, emotions and life-experiences on physical health.  Mind-Body Medicine recognizes this connection, and in doing so teaches people to use the power of their mind to help themselves heal AND achieve unprecedented well-being.

My greatest inspiration in Mind-Body Medicine comes from Dr. Lissa Rankin, whose New York Times bestseller ‘Mind Over Medicine’ truly opened my eyes to the power of the mind to both create and heal illness.  Dr. Rankin also introduced me to an expansive, holistic wellness model that is highly synergistic with traditional healthcare (Western, Eastern & Integrative), and in my estimation has potential to bring deep peace and healing to MANY.  I am certified to share Dr. Rankin’s teachings with you, and am proud to make them a core component of the Journey to Magnificent Health.

As for the word ‘Magnificent’, it is not one routinely associated with health, as for many it speaks to a lofty state of unattainable wellness.  To the contrary, Magnificent health is NOT a state of perfect health, but rather one of peace, balance, wholeness, imperfection and grace.  It’s the natural state of beauty, love and radiance with which YOU entered this world and to this very day is the essence of your soul.  Over time it may have become tarnished or suppressed, but I assure you it has NEVER left and is waiting to re-emerge.  Magnificent Health is within reach whether you take 1 or 21 medications per day; easily run 4 miles or have stage 4 breast cancer.

Mind-Body Medicine is a journey that will challenge you to become more introspective and step out of your comfort zone.  You will have opportunities to examine and transcend subconsciously held beliefs that may be limiting your potential for wellness.  We will dive into a broad range of emotions, some of which you may have forgotten existed.  Many will also discover their true purpose for being on this earth. Everyone accepting the call to Mind-Body Medicine will step into a space where ALL IS POSSIBLE.  It would be my honor to share this space with you–no stethoscope required!

Yours in magnificent health,

Adam Ellis, M.D.